Concert at Dom Mainz


Concert with a famous flautist Ivanna Ternay under the direction of Oksana Lyniv at Dom Mainz


Flute - Ivanna Ternay
Conductor - Oksana Lyniv


Dom Mainz, Germany


About Concert at Dom Mainz

We will perform under the direction of Oksana Lyniv the third Chamber Symphony for Flute and Orchestra by Yevhen Stankovych - captivating music by one of the most important Ukrainian composers, which has long caused a sensation with its folkloric themes. The soloist is the native Ukrainian Ivanna Ternay, who has been playing in the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra since 2011.
Also to be heard: the world premiere of the orchestral piece “The Way” by the Ukrainian composer Bohdana Frolyak, a work that was created as a result of the russian war of aggression against Ukraine. "The battle between light and darkness - the eternal questions of the existence of the universe - is currently concentrated and compressed in time and space. We are at the center of this fight. The light will win," says Bohdana Frolyak.

The main symphonic work is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with an extremely dramatic beginning and am anthemic finale - music composed in the revolutionary spirit of "freedom", "equality" and "Brotherhood", which ends with a stunning vision of peace and freedom.


E. Stankovych - Chamber Symphony for Flute with Orchestra No. 3
M. Arnold - Concerto for Flute and String orchestra op. 45
B. Frolyak - world premiere "The way" for symphony orchestra
L. van Beethoven - Symphony No. 5 in C minor op. 67