Participation in the concert in Ludwigsburg


Participation in the concert to the 60th Anniversary of Charles de Gaulle's speech to the German youth in Ludwigsburg


Religious hall of the Residenzschloss, Ludwigsburg


About Participation in the concert in Ludwigsburg

"I congratulate you all! I congratulate you first of all, being young, all you have to do is observe the flame in your eyes, hear the power of your rallies ... to be convinced that this enthusiasm has chosen you as the masters of life and the future."

Charles de Gaulle at the beginning of his speech to the German youth on the 9th. September 1962 in Ludwigsburg. A speech that was decisive in the restoration of friendly relations between Germany and France.

Exactly 60 years have passed, and these words are still relevant today! The war in Ukraine, in the center of Europe, showed that the voice of the youth is a driving force! This voice is art, sport, music...

And we had the great honor to be the voice of Ukraine at the event on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of speech to the German youth of Charles de Gaulle in Ludwigsburg.


Jacques Ibert "Trois pièces brèves" (Amsterdam Wind Quintet)
Zoltan Almashi "Carpathian Song" for string quartet
Myroslav Skoryk "Melody"