Participation in Lucerne Festival


We open the summer season of the Lucerne Festival — one of the leading international festivals in the field of classical music


Soloist: Andriy Murza, violin (Ukraine-Germany)
Conductor: Oksana Lyniv (Ukraine-Germany)


Lucerne, Switzerland


About Participation in Lucerne Festival

In connection with the military events, the Lucerne Festival expanded its program: the summer festival will begin with a performance by the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine under the direction of its leader and founder Oksana Lyniv as a political statement against the Russian war in Ukraine.

We will play Mozart's famous Prague Symphony, in which we will demonstrate not only our virtuosity, but also our playfulness. Also at the festival we will present works by composers from our homeland: Zoltan Almasi and Vitaly Hubarenko


Zoltan Almashi: Sinfonietta
Vitalii Hubarenko: Chamber Symphony № 1 for violin and orchestra
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony №38, «Prague»